We Support Fishermen with Investment Services

We know that a successful fishing business requires hard work, determination, and agility. Sometimes, it also requires capital. Catch Invest works with fishermen and fishing communities to develop strategy, evaluate financing alternatives, and raise the capital needed to grow fishing businesses.


Fishing Investment Strategy

What do you need to grow your business?

We can help you to create a growth plan to help your business thrive. We will work with you to identify opportunities to buy fishing quota or other assets to support your success, and help negotiate the best terms possible for your business.


Deal Structuring & Valuation

How much capital do you need to grow your business, and what will it cost you?

Catch Invest can work with you to build financial projections for your business and price out your financing options, including debt and equity that will fuel your growth.


Deal Financing & Capital Raising

Where can you raise the capital you need?

We have a wide network of financial partners we can access, and will help you to make your case to lenders and other investors who want to partner with fishermen that are willing to take the long view. We can assist you in the preparation of required materials and documentation, and help you to navigate the negotiating process with potential capital providers. 


Quota Management & Leasing

How can you optimize the value of your quota assets?

Catch Invest can work with you to develop quota leasing strategies that take into account fishery specific regulatory challenges and dynamics, and minimize your risk of loss over time. 


Fishing Asset Management

What is the best way to manage your entire portfolio of fishing assets?

Catch Invest can design and implement asset management reporting systems for you and your investors, strengthening your relationship with your financing partners over time.